Iinerary and profiles

Food stations

1st Food Station: Olot  
·Olot is a city for walking, full of charming little corners and a good starting point for many marked trails. One of the proposals is the network of trails Itinerànnia that has recovered historic roads linking the villages of Ripollès, Garrotxa and Alt Emporda. Besides, it cannot be forgotten the whole range of walks through the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park.
Another good way to meet the Garrotxa region is cycling. One of the most important routes is the Greenway train, route that has been created from the old train railways uniting Olot and Girona (54 km). The fountains of Sant Roc are the starting point in the city. This has a gentle slope from Olot (440 m) to Girona (70 m). With a drop of 1.5% it presents little difficulty. Starting from this old train route, in the Garrotxa there are other marked routes that allow exploring the area by bike.
One of the most unique tours when visiting Olot is the municipal athletics stadium, located next to the Greenway, where people play sports like athletics and rugby.

2nd Food Station: La Jonquera  
· The Jonquera is a cozy town. The fact of being located on the border has become an open and dynamic business village, which allows you to combine leisure activities, commerce and entertainment associated with nature. General infrastructure and tourist facilities have been increasing in recent years and now they form a wide offer consisting in all kind of accommodation, restaurants and other services. The large area of the municipality allows you to fully enjoy nature and the environment of the Albera mountain range. On foot or by bike, you can make numerous trips and activities around, visiting churches, megalithic monuments, castles, rivers and streams, as well as various natural landscapes. Different signed posted paths cross the municipality like the long distance hiking trails such as the GR--11 and GR--2 and the path of the Via Augusta. There is also the Itinerànnia network of trails and the cycling route Pirinexus. La Jonquera also has a shelter for hikers’ accommodation and passersby.

3rd food station: Calonge.
Last food station: Girona.